Travel with a Purpose: The New Age in Adventure Travel

Travel by its very nature has an impact – often negative – on the environment, on the cultures and on the economies of local people who play host to tourism throughout the world. This is why sustainable travel – travel that leaves the world a better place for us having been there – is essential to help maintain a healthy balance between providing a means to enjoy the journey while at the same time protecting the very resources that attract us to lands near and far in the first place.

Unlike other travel companies who offer a trip or two with a volunteer opportunity, Indian Valley Travel is “deliberately different” with all trips 100% based on new and existing volunteer projects throughout the world. Each trip and destination is rated with for accessibility, ensuring the opportunity for handicapped participants to be directly involved in the efforts.   Contributions from trip bookings are tax deductible to the travelers with the trip proceeds going directly to the destination community projects and the company’s partner non-profit organizations like the International Association for Handicapped Divers of the Americas (IAHD-Americas).

“Indian Valley Travel offers a “deliberately different” approach to travel – a chance for travelers of every level of ability and interests to give back on every trip. We work with local groups and organizations on a global basis to connect adventure-minded souls with opportunities to improve the quality of life for others and make the world a better place as a result of our efforts,” says David Hartman, Travel Program Coordinator for Indian Valley Travel

Indian Valley Travel offers both set date and customized group sustainable travel trips to top worldwide dive destinations.  Countries where Indian Valley Travel has volunteer programs in place and ready for booking for 2012 and beyond include Fiji, Egypt-Red Sea, St Croix, Belize, Costa Rica, South Africa, Haiti and the Florida Keys.

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